Clinical research institute
Multi-project management (PSRV2)
$100,000 to $900,000
1,000 ft2 to 25,000 ft2

The mandate

Genipro was awarded a contract to manage multiple functional renovation and asset maintenance projects for a clinical research institute as part of the Quebec government’s PSRV2-315 research support program. As the client’s representative, Genipro was responsible for protecting the institution’s interests and acting as the liaison between the various internal and external stakeholders.

The projects assigned to Genipro included the complete overhaul of the research laboratories, the replacement of major equipment and HVAC systems, and the renovation of the kitchen and building envelope.

The challenges

  • Because the project’s financing hinged on strict adherence to a fixed deadline, it was crucial that each of the work phases be meticulously planned according to their level of criticality, taking into account the long delivery lead times for the equipment.
  • In addition, in many cases, research activities would have to be relocated to temporary laboratories to accommodate the renovation work.
  • The institute would have to continue operating during the construction, from the laboratories and IT server room to the kitchen, cafeteria and delivery bays.
  • Effective management of external stakeholders would be required (municipal PAC, federal culture ministry, citizens and neighbours) to enable the many projects to progress at no risk to the institute.

The solutions

  • To minimize the risks posed by the upcoming construction and changes, a detailed assessment of research activities was conducted for the sectors being renovated to ensure the satisfaction of all users.
  • In-depth planning of materials with long delivery lead times and of the interdependencies between concurrent projects enabled a master schedule to be deployed that rigorously controlled the awarding of the various contracts in a sequence that maximized the project’s efficiency.

The benefits

The project budgets were fully respected by maintaining all contingencies below the maximum threshold allotted by the Quebec government and the institute itself.

Not only were budgets strictly adhered to, the entire project program was successfully completed with no operational or functionality interruptions.