CRDITED-specialized residential centre
Renovation of living areas
40,000 ft2

The mandate

In order to bring its facilities up to standard, a CRDITED-specialized residential centre mandated Genipro to represent it in managing its project to renovate four residential areas. The renovation would impact all common and private rooms, with these spaces being outfitted to accommodate the new clinical needs of the residents. The project included community kitchens, dining rooms, restrooms, bathrooms and private bedrooms.

The challenges

  • Because the residential areas of the facility would remain operational and very active, it would be vital to minimize the impact the work would have on residents and their environment.
  • A phased approach would need to be taken to decontaminate and renovate the four targeted areas in order to protect the safety and comfort of residents at all times. A plan would therefore have to be developed to temporarily move residents from the renovation zones in order to expedite the work without impacting their quality of life.

The solutions

  • A sequential phasing of the work was planned to respect the health and safety needs of the residents. In addition, adapted demolition and construction methods were deployed so as not to disturb the clientele.
  • Genipro worked in close collaboration with many internal stakeholders (senior management, clinical services and technical services).
  • Weekly and ad hoc visits were paid to the job site to confirm that the work was being carried out in full compliance with the client’s strict health and safety standards.
  • Dedicated budget meetings were held with the client to ensure adherence to all financial parameters.
  • Various solutions and approaches were developed and proposed to optimize the allotted investment budget.

The benefits

Not only was all of the work completed within the established construction budget and timetable, additional functional improvements were able to be made without incurring additional costs.

The renovation of the living areas, including new features designed for individuals with increased needs, has enabled the residential centre to accommodate residents requiring specialized support. This in turn has expanded the centre’s service offering and maximized its occupancy level.