Renovation of production areas (mixing, coating, conditioning)
26,000 ft2

The mandate

Genipro conducted a project that saw the renovation of mixing, coating and packaging areas of a pharmaceutical company within an operational facility. The goal was to maximize plant operations within the same floor space.

The challenges

  • A full analysis of the needs and impact of this large-scale project would need to be conducted to clearly define expectations and all of the issues associated with its execution. By identifying the many challenges beforehand, this approach would enable each to be resolved in the best possible way.
  • The construction work was to be carried out in a pharmaceutical environment amidst active production operations. Service stoppages and the impact on operations would have to be kept to a minimum and regular production levels maintained.
  • Stable environmental conditions would have to be maintained (good manufacturing practices – GMP).
  • The entire project was to be conducted at an accelerated pace, which would require commitment and involvement by all members of the project team and many stakeholders in the organization.
  • The global project budget had to be respected despite serious constraints posed by the timetable.

The solutions

  • There was active, ongoing participation with the design firms to ensure the plans and specifications were respected. The quality of all documentation was rigorously controlled to guarantee full compliance with requirements and standards.
  • A daily meeting was held with the management team to ensure the deployment of the work plan was carefully synchronized with the company’s production activities and operations.
  • The job site was visited daily to diligently monitor the quality of work, adherence to the timetable and all health and safety aspects.
  • Critical equipment and components were pre-purchased (ventilation systems, dust extractors, mixers, coating machines, packaging line, etc.).

The benefits

Optimal planning and coordination of the project enabled all of the initial objectives to be met:

  • Production capacity maintained during construction.
  • Work-related impact minimized.
  • Budget and timetable respected.
  • Increase in plant productivity following start-up of the manufacturing equipment.