Residential care centre
Renovation of nursing stations
5,000 ft2

The mandate

Management of a project to renovate all dining rooms on the three floors of a residential care centre in order to maximize the functionality of nursing stations and enhance the practicality and comfort of common areas.

The challenges

  • The main challenge of the project would be to maximize the efficiency of the new layout through effective management of the limited space available, while remaining within the allotted budget.
  • A detailed needs analysis would be required to clearly define the operational requirements of both the clinical care team and the food services department.
  • Because the centre was to remain operational during the project, temporary functional areas would have to be set up during the renovations to maintain all services to residents.

The solutions

  • Many meetings were held with representatives from the various departments impacted by the changes to confirm that the new layout would fully meet the needs of all (accommodation, hygiene and cleanliness, technical services, etc.).
  • Close collaboration with the accommodations department was essential to ensure that all aspects of the work would be clearly communicated to the residents of the centre.
  • Weekly and ad hoc visits were paid to the job site to confirm that the work was being carried out in full compliance with the client’s strict health and safety standards.
  • Various solutions and approaches were developed and proposed to comply with budget requirements.

The benefits

Our needs analysis and audit exercise, as well as our close collaboration with the many professionals involved in the project design, enabled us to implement a number of options that addressed all of the needs identified, while staying within the available budget.

The renovations have allowed the nursing staff to more effectively monitor residents via a video surveillance system. In addition, the residents on every floor now enjoy new lounges offering state-of-the-art audiovisual entertainment systems.